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Keep in the swing of things with a September entry. Applications for undergraduate and postgraduate courses now open.

Choosing a September entry

The University of Buckingham is unique as we offer multiple start dates throughout the year. We offer a September entry along with a January start, and almost all of our courses are available to start then. Many of our postgraduate courses also offer flexible entry dates throughout the year, including April and July.

September entry is the main intake month across UK universities and you may feel more comfortable following the traditional academic year. It gives you an extra term to settle in, get to know everybody and navigate student life.

Ease into your studies

Starting your studies in September means you can take a more gentle introduction to university life. You will study fewer modules per term for the first term, bridging the gap between school and university.

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Traditional route

In the UK, September entry tends to be the most traditional route into university. There is no extra tuition fees starting earlier.

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Keep in the swing of things

Keep in the swing of education, without a big break between finishing school and starting your undergraduate degree.

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