detailed breakdown – undergraduate and foundation international fees

this page outlines our tuition fees for undergraduate and integrated foundation courses.  for the clearest guide to find out how much you would have to pay for the course you are interested in, please visit the fees section on the relevant course page.

september 2020 start (8-term business degree)

autumn 2019£4,350
winter 2020£4,350
spring 2020£4,350
summer 2020£4,350
total year one£17,400
autumn 2020£4,350
winter 2021£4,350
spring 2021£4,350
summer 2021£4,350
total year two£17,400
grand total£34,800

september 2020 start (9-term degree)

autumn 2019£3,955
winter 2020£3,955
spring 2020£3,955
summer 2020£3,955
total year one£15,822
autumn 2020£3,955
winter 2021£3,955
spring 2021£3,955
summer 2021£3,955
total year two£15,822
autumn 2021£3,955
grand total£35,600

january 2021 start

winter 2020£4,450
spring 2020£4,450
summer 2020£4,450
autumn 2020£4,450
total year one£17,800
winter 2021£4,450
spring 2021£4,450
summer 2021£4,450
autumn 2021£4,450
total year two£17,800
grand total£35,600

mb chb – january 2021 start

the university is a not-for-profit charity that receives no government subsidy, thus all students must meet the full economic cost of training. tuition fees are £37,000 per annum for eu and overseas students.


foundation pathway

students studying on our foundation pathway programmes will pay the following amounts per term for the three foundation terms of their chosen programme:

  • students commencing their programme in september 2020 or january 2021: £4,450 per term
  • students commencing their programme in september 2021 or january 2022: £5,040 per term.



  • the above figures are for tuition only and do not include accommodation.
  • A bond of £300 is payable with the first term’s fees.


fee increases

the university reserves the right to increase course fees annually in line with inflation linked to the retail price index (rpi) to take account of the university’s increased costs of delivering educational services. if the university intends to increase your course fees it will notify you via email of this as soon as reasonably practicable.