the university of buckingham is independent of state funding, and the djo project looks to private individuals, institutions, charities and the corporate world for support.

year 0 costs

Summary: £2.1k (Purchase hard copy of journals (44 volumes); develop business Plan; develop partnerships; launch & publicise djo project)

year 1 (07 – 08)

summary: £15.4k (create, test, and launch prototype)

years 2–5 (08 – 11)

summary: £283k (create, test and launch main site). nb the actual figure may be significantly lower, with the variables indicating that rather than paying full commercial rates, djo will continue to explore ways of sourcing editorial, technical and fund-raising work either at cost or in zero-fee, collaborative exchanges.

Costs, Year 5> (2012>)

summary: £5k for commercial development, after which djo is self-sustaining. no further expenditure on site creation is anticipated after year 5 (2012). while some expenditure is envisaged, this may take the form of focused direct campaigns to potential advertisers and hosting promotional events for business sponsors in the south east of england.


all funding enquiries to detailed financial breakdown available in the djo business plan 2007 (2nd release).